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History of Gios Bikes

Gios was first established in 1948 by Tolmino Gios, a professional cyclist that competed in several important races and was a member of the Italian National Team for the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin. Tolmino built the first GIOS bikes in a small workshop in Torino, Italy. Soon after, Tolmino's son Alfredo began working for the family company.

In the early days

GIOS produced city bikes which had a classic appearance and looked nothing like their bikes of today. They expanded their design in the early seventies to produce the 'Easy Rider', which had the appearance of a Harley Davidson motor cycle and caught the attention of many at the 1971 Milan Cycle Show. None more so than Giorgio Perfetti, the multi-millionaire owner of chewing gum company 'BROOKLYN', who ordered 100 Easy Rider bicycles for a competition being run by his company. This relationship proved to be the turning point for GIOS, later pushing them onto the world stage.

In 1972

BROOKLYN decided to create and sponsor a new professional cycling team, with GIOS bikes being their ride of choice. The new BROOKLYN team, headed by two of the biggest stars of the era, Roger De Vlaemink and Patrick Sercu, quickly became a major force in professional cycling. From 1973-1977 the BROOKLYN team amassed an enviable list of results including classics such as Paris-Roubaix, Milan-Sanremo, Tour of Flanders and the 1974 Tour de France green jersey..... the list goes on.

The now famous 'GIOS BLUE' colour was originally developed by Alfredo Gios to match stars and stripes on the jersey of the BROOKLYN team. This unique and recognisable colour combined with the success of the BROOKLYN team, meant that GIOS and GIOS BLUE became an iconic part of a rich Italian cycling history.... and to this day enjoys an almost cult following among cycling enthusiasts worldwide.

During the 80's and 90's

GIOS continued to enjoy great success with teams like Ijboerke-Gios, Jolly Componibili and the unforgettable team Kelme. Throughout these years riders such as Didi Thurau, Fons De Wolf, Stephen Roche and Ivan Quaranta rode 'the blue bikes' to victory in many of the Classics and enjoyed stage wins and podium finishes in a number of Grand Tours.

Following some difficult times in the late 2000's GIOS was forced to restructure in order to ensure the GIOS brand lived on in the 21st century. Alfredo formed a relationship with a Japanese company to create GIOS International. The design process has been continued in Italy while the bikes are now manufactured in Asia.

2015 and beyond

Two thousand and fifteen has presented another significant milestone in the history of the famous 'Blue Bikes', with sponsorship of the Movistar Team Ecuador pro continental team. This is only the beginning of what are some exciting times for one of world cycling's most iconic brands.